COURSE TITLE:Intermediate Ammonia Refrigeration Systems (K061)

SPONSORING ORGANIZATION:Industrial Refrigeration Consortium

DATE:Dec. 2-4

LOCATION:Madison, Wis.

COURSE DESCRIPTION:Presented through the University of Wisconsin Department of Engineering Professional Development, this course will enhance the attendee’s understanding of the principles and operation of ammonia refrigeration systems. Topics include refrigeration load calculations, refrigeration psychrometrics, ammonia refrigeration system principles and best practices, properties of ammonia refrigerants, refrigeration cycles and cycle performance, introduction to advanced systems, compressors and compressor performance, vessels and refrigerant pumps, evaporators and condensers, and troubleshooting techniques. Attendees are expected to have completed the Introduction to Ammonia Refrigeration Systems course or have significant working experience with refrigeration systems.

COURSE TITLE:Certified Indoor Environmentalist (CIE) Course


DATE:Dec. 8-9

LOCATION:Los Angeles

COURSE DESCRIPTION:This course is a comprehensive IAQ program that is sponsored by the Indoor Air Quality Association. In this program, the attendee will learn about the wide spectrum of indoor contaminants that can affect occupants of all types of buildings. Students will learn how to find the problems, fix them, and prevent them from ever happening again. This course is designed for environmental consultants, HVAC professionals, property inspectors, industrial hygienists, and others.

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Publication date:11/09/2009