DALLAS - Lennox Industries, selected by Wal-Mart, participated in a Congressional green jobs briefing held in Washington, on Feb. 3, to discuss policies and initiatives beneficial to creating more green jobs.

“We were pleased and honored to be chosen by Wal-Mart to take part in Congressional discussions on how developing new sustainable products can help create and preserve green jobs in the American economy,” said Harry Bizios, president and COO, LII Commercial Heating & Cooling.

“This approach allows for collaborative efforts between all key stakeholders to ensure not only sustainable environmental solutions, but also sustainable business solutions.

“The introduction of Lennox’s Strategos™ rooftop product line, the high-efficiency equipment Wal-Mart uses to heat and cool its stores, serves as a highly successful example of this type of market-based approach.”

During the development of the Strategos product line, Lennox and Wal-Mart worked together to determine how to best create a high-efficiency product that would meet Wal-Mart’s energy reduction and return on investment goals, while maintaining the best possible comfort for its customers and associates.

“In these tough economic times, business owners must find ways to control and lower operating costs,” Bizios said.

“With heating and cooling costs accounting for a significant portion of their operating expenses, high-efficiency HVAC equipment provides a sustainable environmental and business solution to help drive green jobs in our economy. We are proud to partner with Wal-Mart, and in joining with them to discuss market-based green job solutions with our Congressional representatives.”

For more information, visit www.lennoxinternational.com.

Publication date:03/02/2009