ARLINGTON, Va. - The Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) is offering its members a new fuel card program. The ACCA Exxon/Mobil Fleet Card will give contractors who enroll a rebate of up to a nickel per gallon.

“Gas prices have been coming down, but they’re still too high, and while a nickel doesn’t sound like much, those nickels can add up for contractors and their fleets each month,” said Kevin Holland, ACCA vice president for business operations and membership.

In addition to the rebate, the ACCA Exxon/Mobil program offers contractors a variety of other benefits, including:

• Comprehensive fleet products reports and summary reports to help contractors track every aspect of fleet card use.

• A wide variety of controls contractors can set how cards can be used, for what, and even set limits and authorization requirements or get e-mail alerts.

• Managing the account online, including payments and invoices, to avoid the clutter of paperwork.

While Exxon/Mobil usually charges a $50 application fee for the program, ACCA has negotiated a complete waiver of that fee, so there is no cost to enroll.

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Publication date:11/24/2008