The FAR preassembled radiant heating distribution manifolds are available in 1-, 1-1/4-, and 1-1/2-inch sizes, with two to 12 heating loops. Using two screws, a basic unit can grow to meet any system’s needs by adding a two-, three-, or four-circuit port modular section. Laterally positioned circuit ports ease pipe attachment, optimize flow, and reduce turbulence. Both supply and return manifolds incorporate shut-off valves for total loop isolation. Supply manifolds feature valves designed for precise balancing with tamper protection and return manifolds feature valves with stainless steel stems designed to easily accommodate optional actuators. Intermediate units include choice of isolation valves (thread, cimPRESS, cimPUSH), automatic air vents, thermometers, and fill/drain cocks. Options include flow meters, individual circuit thermometers, differential pressure bypass kit, thermoelectric actuators, and in-wall mounting boxes.

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