We all remember the best teachers we’ve ever had. They stand out in our minds amongst the dozens of others who also helped guide our educations. Whether it was a fifth-grade teacher who told you to follow dreams you had yet to dream, a high-school teacher who invigorated your passion for chemistry, or a college or vo-tech instructor who helped you harness the skills you were developing, you most certainly remember them and their ability to educate.

When I ask the question, “Who was the best teacher you ever had?” does it take long to think of a response? Do you juggle four or five different names, or does a vivid image of a certain individual plant itself in your mind as clear as if they were standing in front of you right now?

At my school, Mr. Weber not only taught, he was also the football coach. He became a mentor of mine because of the lessons he taught both inside the school and outside on the playing field. Does he realize just how truly important he was during my formative years? I certainly hope so, and if by some chance he is currently reading the best HVAC magazine in the land, then I once again salute him.

The reality is that far too many of the best teachers and instructors out there never receive the praise they so richly deserve.

We are aiming to change that through our Best Instructor and Best Trainer contest. Via a partnership with the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling-Contractors Association (PHCC), The NEWS is inviting readers to nominate the individuals in the world of HVAC who permanently etched themselves into the minds of their students.

The goal of the contest is to recognize and reward HVACR instructors and trainers who have dedicated their careers to enriching the lives of students. The nomination process is open to anyone who has seen firsthand the work an instructor or trainer has done to better the industry. Best Instructor nominees should be from a career/technical school, community college, apprenticeship, or adult education program. Best Trainer nominees should be employed by manufacturers or distributors (seminar speakers are not eligible).

Do you know an HVACR instructor who is making a difference in his or her students’ lives? Or have you been inspired by an industry trainer? Take a moment to recognize these outstanding educators by nominating them for the 2017 Best Instructor and Best Trainer Awards.

Simply visit http://achrnews.com/enter-best-instructor and follow the instructions.

The nomination deadline is July 1. To read about last year’s winner, visit http://bit.ly/2016NEWSBest.

For questions or technical support, please email me at nickkostora@achrnews.com.

Educators play important roles in this industry, let’s be sure to give them the credit they deserve.