Editor’s Note: The following remarks were made on The NEWS’group,The NEWSNetwork, on LinkedIn, about VRF systems.

A Look at VRFs

In our region, we have been using VRF systems for a number of years with many installations to see (schools, colleges, office buildings — these projects were not residential).

Since most of these have been new construction and a number of retrofit design-builds, the IAQ aspect has not been an issue. The fresh air and ventilation requirements were addressed upfront and designed into the project so this would not be an issue.

As for the service and maintenance of these systems, if you have not been trained on the specific system or manufacturer, do not attempt it. You cannot hook up a set of gauges to these systems and have any idea what is going on unless you tap into the system with software tools.

Tony Owens
HVACR Program Director
Kaplan University
Dayton, Ohio, area

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Publication date: 10/8/2012