As an HVAC contractor, fashion may not be the most important piece of your daily routine. As someone who hasn’t bought a new T-shirt since probably 2009, I’m certainly in no position to tell you what may or may not be currently in style. Are jean shorts cool? If not, it may be time to reassess my casual wear. At any rate, I bring up fashion because, as part of my duties here at The NEWS, I occasionally travel to events, trade shows, conferences, and manufacturer facility tours. On one such recent trip, I was among HVAC contractors from across the country, hearing them share ideas, talk about their best and worst experiences, and just generally converse with each other. Most wore something along the lines of a khaki pants and polo shirt. Nothing crazy there, but what stood out was a few contractors from the same company who took the time to ensure they wore the same khakis and shirt emblazoned with a company logo. It’s a small thing, but name recognition matters everywhere, and having a company logo readily visible at an event like this mattered. Those three gentlemen stood out to me because they were clearly putting their company first and realized that an event like this was a chance to promote themselves without necessarily pushing anything on other attendees. So, even if you couldn’t care less if black is fashionable after Labor Day, or if socks and sandals is an acceptable choice when walking the dog, it is important to take the time to remember you are always representing your business. While you don’t need to be a walking billboard with LED lights on your shoes or don a company logo tattooed on your arm, little reminders can make all the difference.