The bosses want us to step up our Twitter game. My initial reaction was how could my pearls of wisdom and award-winning writing possibly be cut down to 140 characters? Do you ask Emeril to cook with only three ingredients? Do you ask Roger Clemens to only throw one type of pitch? Do you ask Miley Cyrus to only write one annoying song?

And by “initial reaction” I mean the reaction that never actually got verbalized to the bosses. In this economic climate you would be an idiot to fight that battle. Instead, I got onboard with some fake enthusiasm about the task at hand. But a funny thing happened along the way - I found it to be an informative and engaging form of communication.

So, I ask theNEWS’ readers to give it a shot. Join us at You will be able to read breaking news, interesting links and commentary, - and in the interest of full discloser - a few uninteresting posts. Not all of them can be winners.

I have decided to help launch our new Twitter plans by having my first Live Tweet Diary. Actually, that sounds like something that would appear on late night Cinemax. Well, regardless of what we name it, hear me out. On Sunday, May 2 on NBC, Clockwork Home Service and One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning will be an important part of Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice show.The NEWSwill use this opportunity to watch the show and live tweet during the two hour broadcast. So please follow along and feel free to reply with your own comments. The Donald’s hair should give us plenty of material.

Here is hoping the powers-that-be are not reading this blog. I guess I did not think that one through. Join us May 2 at