It has been four years since my wife and I bought our most recent house. But that doesn’t stop one of the local realtors (not even the one we worked through) from sending us a bi-monthly publication about home life.

Here are some of the headlines in one of the most recent issues: “Making Earth Sense and Money Sense,” “Energy Efficiency For All,” “Homeowners Guide to Eco-Improvements,” “Green & Clean,” and “Eco Centric Living.”

And the stories with those headlines make up at least 80 percent of the 24-page magazine.

Part of the “eco” focus may have to do with the issue being published around the time of Earth Day. But from what I recall from past issues, there seemed to be a lot of green and energy efficiency topics. So here is what I am thinking. It sure looks like homeowners are being told to think green as a way to save the planet and save money. So if HVAC contractors had their own glitzy brochures showing how their latest equipment can save the planet and save the customer money, there might be something to this.

It may just be a matter of tagging some HVAC terms onto headlines.

“Making Cool Sense To Save Money,” “HVAC Energy Efficiency For All,” “Homeowners Guide to Air Conditioning Improvements,” “Green & Clean Cooling and Heating,” and “Eco Centric Living Starts With Your HVAC.”

OK, not the greatest headlines, but you get the idea.