OK, so I open my local Sunday newspaper and there on the editorial page is a column with the headline “Challenges to global warming heat up.” Then on the op-ed page, is another column whose headline is “Fact: The warming of Earth’s climate no longer debatable.”

So, here we go again. One guy saying the same old, same old about how there is not global warming and another guy saying it is real for sure. Each columnist offers quote after quote from “expert” sources to back their claims.

First of all, it should be noted that I’ve stopped calling what’s happening (if anything is happening) global warming. I’m just using the term climate change since temps seem to be way below average this winter where I live, and I can’t recall any unbearably hot summers in recent years.

But that is beside the point. The point is I’m really tired of all the space being taken up in print newspapers over the topic especially since nothing is ever resolved.

But I’m more tired of HFC refrigerants being lumped into any aspect of the global warming or climate change debate because they may have global warming potential.

After all, the HVACR industry keeps those valuable (and costly) HFCs in tight systems designed to create comfort cooling for humans with air conditioning: and cooling and freezing of food products to name one sector on the refrigeration side served these days by HFCs.

My new mantra: “Global warming? Don’t know; don’t care.” I’ll continue to report on the topic but I’m getting desensitized to getting emotionally caught up in the debate.