Magazine and newspaper editors have been accused of thinking they know it all. And the fact thatThe NEWSis considered a combination of the best of newspapers and magazines, you can imagine the size of our heads - the size of Sputnik, I tell you.

However, we know enough to know we don’t know it all, so we are opening up the blog section to some real experts - contractors.

We have relaunched the blogs section at to include a blog by contractors, for contractors. Mark Geiger of Blackall Mechanical Inc. and John Castoro of Innovative Logical Controls were the first to sign up and contribute, but we would love to have more contractors contribute.

So what is on your mind? Want to talk about hiring employees, finding the most affordable health care, or the latest product on the market? This will be a good place to ask pertinent questions and get your fellow contractors to comment.

All we need is about a 250-word blog entry (once a month) on any topic that you think is important to the industry. If you are interested, e-mail me at

But still read the editors’ blog, for we have some useful items to discuss. I don’t like to brag, but quite often my wife will say to me, “Sure, Kyle, you know everything,” but I think I might be detecting a hint of sarcasm.

Visit and check out our blog changes.