SYRACUSE, N.Y. — With Carrier Corporation’s new Cobra™ high-efficiency energy recovery rooftop unit, building owners and managers no longer need to make a choice between good indoor air quality (IAQ), adequate ventilation, occupant comfort, or energy efficiency, says the manufacturer.

Cobra, part of Carrier’s Weathermaster® series, was developed specifically with IAQ in mind, product manager Henry Gellert said. The unit incorporates features which allow building owners to exhaust poor quality return air directly outside without risk of contaminating their fresh supply air, the company says. At the same time, Cobra reclaims the exhausting air’s energy and uses it to precondition the fresh supply air, providing economical comfort for building occupants and owners, says the company.

“With the supply air already preconditioned, Cobra doesn’t have to work as hard,” Gellert explained. “By recycling the unwanted air’s energy, Cobra reduces its own operating costs even further for building owners.”

Compliant with ASHRAE Standard 62’s requirements for increased air ventilation and acceptable humidity levels, Cobra can be used for new construction applications, such as schools and restaurants, as well as retail and health club facilities.

“With installation and maintenance ease typical of a packaged unit — and an exact fit for Carrier standard roof curbs dating back to 1988 production — Cobra is ideal for retrofits as well,” Gellert stated.

With up to 100 percent outside air ventilation, comfort cooling, heating, humidity control, and energy recovery, the energy recovery rooftop unit offers building owners an all-in-one IAQ solution, says the company.

Using Carrier’s ASHRAE 90.1, Energy Star-compliant 48/50HJ rooftop design, Cobra can provide 3 to 12.5 tons cooling capacity, with the additional capability of conditioning 600, 1,000, 2,000, or 3,000 cfm of outdoor air.

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Publication date: 01/13/2003