The GMV95 and GCV9 Series units are two-stage, variable-speed gas furnaces that have an AFUE rating of up to 95 percent. The furnaces' input rates range from 46,000 to 115,000 Btuh. Features include a corrosion-resistant, aluminized steel, tubular heat exchanger; stainless steel recuperative coil; hot surface ignition system with Norton® mini-igniter and adaptive learning algorithm; and Auto-Comfort mode for maintaining a comfortable climate. The units can be used for one- or two-pipe applications. Both series are designed for multi-position (horizontal right or horizontal left) installations. In addition, the GMV95 units can be installed in an upflow position, whereas the GCV9 furnaces can be installed in a downflow position. According to the manufacturer, a two-stage thermostat should be used with these furnaces. An LP conversion kit, LP low-pressure kit, and high-altitude pressure switch kit are available, as well as other accessories.

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