Based on a modular system of software components, HVACSuite includes many new free tools as well as some pay-to-register modules. Most modules include English and metric units of measurement. The pay-to-register modules include Job Estimating, Duct Calculator, HVAC/R Systems, and T.E.C.H. Method Troubleshooting 2.0. Job Estimating gives the user control of markup, margin, etc., using labor and material line items, and Assemblies, which are combinations of labor and/or materials that the user defines. A price book can be created using this module. Duct Calculator can be used for calculations of metal, vinyl flex, and fiberglass duct board. It can be used to run editable history tape of calculations. Duct segments can be named in the report. HVAC/R Systems provides reporting and analysis of refrigeration systems, integrated with the refrigerant database and the psychrometric engine. T.E.C.H. Method Troubleshooting is an HVACR diagnostic methodology in a new E-book edition. HVACSuite replaces the program PMTherm.


eProduct #194