YORK, Pa. - Citing the globally mandated transition away from ozone-depleting refrigerants, York International Corp. announced it has stopped offering new chillers using HCFC-123 refrigerant. The change began Nov. 15.

York Americas President Iain Campbell noted that HCFC-123 is designated by the Montreal Protocol and the United States Clean Air Act as a transitional refrigerant. It is to be used for only a limited time, to enable manufacturers to develop centrifugal chillers utilizing refrigerants with zero ozone-depletion potential (ODP).

"The legislated phaseout of HCFC refrigerants began in 2004," said Campbell, "and the demand for HCFC-123 chillers is falling globally. York believes the time has come to complete the transition by ceasing to offer new HCFC-123 chillers. Today, we have a full line of zero-ODP chillers utilizing HFC refrigerants, which have no phaseout schedule.

"Our HCFC-123 chiller is an excellent product. However, given that centrifugal chillers have a lifespan of 25 years or more, York no longer considers it prudent to recommend customers purchase a new centrifugal chiller using a refrigerant that is subject to a globally mandated phaseout schedule - not if there are better alternatives, and we have better alternatives."

York will continue to actively support all brands of in-stalled CFC and HCFC chillers with maintenance, parts, enhancements, and service.

"Further, if a customer has already placed an order for a York HCFC-123 chiller, there is no reason to change that decision," Campbell stated. "York's current action is only to stop offering new HCFC-123 chillers. All orders already received will be executed normally."

Publication date: 11/22/2004