Baltimore Aircoil Company announced the addition of new models to the induced-draft FXV product line.
ANAHEIM, Calif. - Cooling towers are impressive pieces of equipment, and manufacturers brought them out in force at the 2004 International Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating Exposition. These huge units literally loomed over the crowds, which swarmed under and over them to get a closer look.

American Cooling Tower Inc. ( highlighted its composite fiberglass towers. These units are available in sizes ranging from 400 to 10,000 tons and are offered in a full range of counterflow and crossflow designs. Wood or concrete towers are also available. General Manager Robert King said these towers are perfect for central plants and have a footprint ranging from 12 by 12 feet to 54 by 54 feet.

Baltimore Aircoil Company ( announced the addition of new models to the induced-draft FXV product line, significantly expanding its closed-circuit cooling tower offerings. The FXV line, originally consisting of all single air inlet cells, now includes larger, higher capacity dual air inlet models. According to the manufacturer, these new cell sizes extend the FXV design by utilizing dual coil bundles and wet deck surfaces on one common fan system. Projects benefit from fewer required cells, lower overall fan horsepower, and fewer piping connections. Cells can be multiplexed side by side, resulting in a smaller plan area, low installed cost, and low operating cost, the company said.

In addition, new lower fan horsepower, single air inlet models have been added to further complement the FXV line in the smaller capacity ranges. The thermal performance of all FXV models, both single and dual air inlet, are independently certified by the Cooling Technology Institute (CTI).

Delta Cooling Towers ( displayed its new TM Series induced-draft cooling towers in sizes ranging from 250 to 20,000 tons. President John Flaherty said the towers are made of unitary molded plastic construction. "Plastic is lighter than conventional cooling towers and our integrated double-wall is more than 10 times the average wall thickness of metal towers." The HDPE plastic construction cannot corrode and is backed by a 15-year warranty.

The fill material is a high-efficiency PVC cellular design for maximum cooling. The totally enclosed cooling tower motors power multiple fiber-reinforced polypropylene axial propeller fans, and the three-pass PVC drift eliminator is designed to prevent water droplets from leaving the tower.

Tower Tech showcased its Modular Cooling Tower, which features a high-velocity flow-through basin constructed of heavy-duty pultruded fiberglass-reinforced plastic.
Great Lakes Fluid/Air( showcased its EnduraCool crossflow cooling towers. The modular and compact design of the EnduraCool cooling tower series ships factory assembled and is designed to be shipped by common carrier. Individual cells easily can be connected together to form large, multicell cooling tower systems, said the company.

EnduraCool features single-piece basins, robust structural frame, heavy-wall FRP, and all towers are resistant to corrosion, chemical erosion, UV radiation, and thermal shock, the company stated. The towers achieve a low operating noise level by the use of a specially developed low-noise axial fan. With no moving parts, the towers are easy to maintain.

Recold ( introduced its HW Series fluid coolers, which have capacities ranging from 10 to 200 nominal tons. These closed-circuit fluid coolers provide the advantages of longer life and better heat transfer characteristics over other units using steel coils. Features include the proprietary Hydrospray water distribution system, which uses nonclogging nozzles to generate a 360-degree spray pattern over the entire coil assembly.

All HW Series fluid coolers are equipped with low rpm, forward-curved, centrifugal forced-draft fans to ensure quieter operation and longer service life, while providing the ability to handle higher static applications, the company said.

Thermal Exchange Cooling Towers ( displayed its counterflow, square modular-type cooling tower. Sales Manager Alex Kolosow stated that all of the company's cooling towers are made of fiberglass for long life and are assembled in the United States. "These cooling towers are great for schools, hospitals, and universities," he said.

The tower body is made of fiberglass-reinforced plastics, so it will be free from corrosion, while it is as durable as steel, Kolosow said. It is also coated with a special epoxy composed of anti-ultraviolet agent. With a specially designed axial fan and belt reducer, the tower can withstand strong winds with very low noise. In addition, there is a silence mat above the basin that is designed to absorb most of the water drop noise.

TowerTech ( showcased its Modular Cooling Tower, which features a high-velocity flow-through basin constructed of heavy-duty pultruded fiberglass-reinforced plastic. This basin reduces tower pumphead and allows the use of horizontal split-case double-suction pumps. The tower also features a multiple fan configuration designed to allow fans to be cycled on and off as needed to save energy and deliver cold water at the right temperature, the company said.

Spokesman Robert Brink said the tower has all the mechanical equipment located on the bottom for easy access. "We have a completely closed system, so no algaecide is required," he noted.

Publication date: 02/16/2004