Model 6504 Intelligent Zoned Control Comfort Control panel is designed to serve as a hub for all of the manufacturer's indoor air quality products. Working in conjunction with Model 8570 thermostats and other of the company's air quality accessories, this panel can provide global HVAC control of a home by allowing control of one or more thermostats from any other thermostat on the system, activate the electronic air cleaner (EAC) when the fan is operating, communicate outdoor temperature and indoor relative humidity, extend blower runtime to satisfy humidity requirements, control fresh air ventilation with the installation of a power damper, and eliminate the need for additional humidifier and EAC relays due to the simplified wiring, the company says. In addition, the panel, along with other units in the system, can execute self-diagnostic checks to ensure the zone panel and accessories are functioning properly and activate the vacation mode for the whole house from one thermostat, states the manufacturer.

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