Mike Moore, ISL vice president (left), welcomes new ISL member Tom Lawson to the Nashville conference.
NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Contractor members of International Service Leadership (ISL) always know what to expect when ISL Vice President Mike Moore grabs the microphone and takes charge of a meeting, and no one was disappointed when Moore led the charge at ISL's 2003 Performance Conference at the Opryland Resort & Hotel in Nashville.

"We don't compete against anyone else. We don't mimic anyone else," Moore said. "We are what we are."

Moore walked among the audience, continuing his message. "How are we going to be the best?" he asked, before answering, "With your positive energy. We are going to be the best there is. And it is not a weakness for me to ask for your help. It is a strength. This is not a business, not an organization - this is a family."

ISL members were encouraged to talk about their experiences with ISL leadership. One member from California reminisced about a visit from Moore and Tom Whittman, an ISL business team leader. He said that business was not good before the visit.

"We worked on refocusing and getting back to basics," said the member. "As a result, we increased our gross profits and revenues. Things are good. That's pretty neat. Because things were really, really bad." After each member told his or her story, Moore followed with a simple statement. "He [or she] is ISL."

Bill Efird, ISL president, made an emotional appeal to members. "Look your loved one in the eye and tell them how much they mean to you," he said. "If you do that, amazing things will happen. Say ‘I love you' like you mean it."

Working Together

The group describes itself this way: "International Service Leadership comprises the largest and most active membership of HVAC and plumbing contractors in the world. ISL offers unparalleled training services and unprecedented levels of support.

"Our goals are to dramatically increase member profitability, to improve the public image of our industry, and to ensure consumer satisfaction. By working together, we offer services to our membership of greater value than those they can develop themselves and those offered through other sources."

News' contractor consultant Tom Lawson, owner of Advanced Air Conditioning, Bossier City, La., recently joined ISL and attended the Nashville conference. Lawson said his reasons for joining ISL was the group's commitment to training, education, and business planning for contractors.

The Performance Conference was one of several meetings held by ISL, whose membership exceeds 300 contractors, suppliers, and manufacturers. The next conference is scheduled for February 5-6, 2004, in New Orleans.

For more information, visit www.islinc.tv.

Publication date: 12/29/2003