Sean McCarthy, Research Products Corp.’s national sales director, shows the new Aprilaire whole-house dehumidifier. (All photos by Jim Johnson.)
ANAHEIM, Calif. - There were several new humidification and dehumidification products featured at the 2004 International Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating Exposition (AHR Expo).

Aprilaire (, for instance, introduced its whole-house dehumidifier. According to the company, its 90-pint-per-day dehumidifier can be installed in attics, closets, crawlspaces, garages, and basements. Built-in intelligence allows for automatic control - and it is the same "set it and forget it" technology found in the company's automatic humidifiers.

It also features automatic fan cycling, designed to allow for improved humidity and temperature balance throughout the house. An optional ventilation feature is also incorporated into the unit, providing time-based control with outdoor temperature and indoor relative humidity operating limits, said the company.

"The new whole-house dehumidifier allows contractors to offer homeowners an innovative, effective, and affordable solution to controlling excess moisture due to humidity in their homes," said Robin Pharo, channel manager for Aprilaire. "Homeowners will no longer have to overcool, tolerate uncomfortable damp/musty conditions, or contend with portable dehumidifiers, just to be comfortable and protect their living space.

"Homes are being built tighter and are more energy efficient due to improvements in insulation, air and vapor barriers, windows and caulking, and product application. Unfortunately, this has also led to reduced air infiltration rates and increased relative humidity. Contrary to popular belief, air conditioners and portable dehumidifiers cannot dehumidify these homes effectively or efficiently.

"An installed dehumidifier is the only reliable way to control humidity in a home. Aprilaire invented whole-house humidification 50 years ago. We have now come full circle by offering total humidification control."

Desiccant Rotors International ( highlighted its EcoFreshâ„¢ rotors. The company said they feature options specially suited to meet customer requirements, including sensible or enthalpy, customized height, diameter and depth, and complete cassette with drive motors.

The rotors are ARI-certified and available in a variety of substrates, matrix geometrics, and desiccant coatings. The company's slogan is "ensuring a cleaner ‘in'-vironment."

Craig Fillmann, principal of Desiccant Rotors International, shows his firm’s EcoFresh enthalpy rotor.
DryKor( showcased its Universal DryTop (UDT)-14, a single-module, multi-functional package unit for treatment of up to 100 percent fresh air. The unit is divided into three sections: collection section, heat pump section, and regeneration section. This combination is designed to provide dehumidification, heating and cooling, active and passive air filtration, and microorganism and bacteria disinfection.

According to the company, the operating principle of the UDT-14 is to exhaust hot and regenerated air, while also providing an outlet for dry and cool air.

Features include two refrigerant cycles: one sensible and one latent for full sensible/latent ratios management. The company said it features two 7-hp scroll compressors; SHR of 0.3 at standard testing conditions (86 degrees F, 30 degrees C; 70 percent rh); high COP for a wide range of conditions; and fully programmable controls.

Fedders HVACR, a division of Fedders Corp. (, introduced its Herrmidifier® line of whole-house humidifiers. Fedders said it offers by-pass, reservoir, and atomizing humidifier lines for the indoor air quality (IAQ) needs of the residential market.

The company said its Herrmidifier humidifiers are durable, easy to install, and are based on technologies to satisfy the application needs and purchasing/installation habits of any geographic region. For example, it said the atomizing humidifiers are routinely installed in areas with tight water restrictions, but are equally effective in residences across the country.

"Overall indoor air quality and human health is largely influenced by humidity control, and so we've developed a full line of evaporative and atomizing humidifiers that are quiet in operation, and meet the needs of the residential market," said Sonny Marak, executive vice president of Fedders Unitary Sales. "With our production facilities in China, we are able to offer customers cost-effective humidification technologies that meet the high quality expectations of a Fedders product."

Its humidifiers force warm, dry air across moist evaporator pads, releasing moisture into the home. The G Series of products, the G-100 Power Flow-Through, and the G-200/300 Bypass Flow-Through models offer right- or left-side discharge, designed to save installation time over units that require disassembly. The company said the design also offers easy serviceability as the unit's cover can be lifted and the evaporative pad pulled out from the front of the unit for replacement, allowing for installation in tight areas without a lot of head room or ductwork.

The Herrmidifier rotating 465-C1 Drum Bypass requires only one-half inch of overhead clearance and features an observation window that allows for quick and easy evaporator pad inspection, said the company.

The Herrmidifier atomizing humidifiers use the house's water supply to emit a fine mist into the home via a spray nozzle to increase humidity levels.

The design of the 707U atomizer makes it an ideal solution for the greenhouse and humidor, said the company. The simple installation and high-performance of the Mister 50 Atomizer draws the customers; a single hole, two screws, and water hookup is all it takes to get this atomizing humidifier operational, said the company.

Lennox ( introduced Humiditrol®, its hot gas reheat dehumidification system. According to the manufacturer, the system enhances humidity control by initiating the dehumidification cycle of a humidity setpoint, not a temperature setpoint like conventional air conditioning systems. It said this improves humidity control, even on mild temperature load days when many temperature-initiated systems could fail.

Components of the system include a reheat coil, three-way valve, and check valve. System operation is controlled by an Integrated Modular Control unit controller with a plug-and-play add-on board. The system design allows the unit to meet both temperature and humidity needs. The system can be monitored and controlled from a network manager, computer, or remote location with the L Connection® Network.

Lennox representative Mike Walker said, "The Humiditrol dehumidification system is a hot gas reheat system that can help schools maintain the proper humidity levels. Best of all, this system can remove moisture without over-cooling the enclosed space. So in addition to improving IAQ, the Humiditrol system also helps maintain excellent comfort."

Publication date: 02/23/2004