The Shanghai New International Expo Centre was the site of the 2004 China Refrigeration Expo.
It is truly a global marketplace when it comes to HVACR, and this issue ofThe Newsreflects the magazine's commitment to covering industry developments worldwide.

The China Refrigeration Expo, held this spring in Shanghai, has gained stature as one of the premier industry events, and News Refrigeration Editor Peter Powell was there to gain a perspective of what it all means to contractors and technicians on this side of the Pacific.

The report on the China Refrigeration Expo that appears in this issue focuses on companies based in the United States and Europe that were exhibiting to gain a foothold or increase their market share in the rapidly expanding Chinese market for air conditioning and refrigeration. The article also explores technologies from Asia that might find their way to the Western Hemisphere.

Future issues of The News will contain more reports on familiar names in manufacturing that have established plants in China to deliver products to that country, as well as other parts of Asia.

For complete coverage of the 2004 China Refrigeration Expo, see the article "Manufacturers Reach Out To Asian Market" in this issue.

Publication date: 06/07/2004