The Between Room Ventilator (BRV) equalizes pressure between rooms in a house. According to the manufacturer, some houses in the United States have internal-pressure problems, caused by situations such as bedroom doors and/or carpeting that block the flow of air from the bedroom (which contains only a supply duct) to the return ducts in the hallway. This can affect the operation of hearth products. The ventilator is designed to "reconnect" the HVAC system and reduce the resulting negative pressure impeding the performance of a fireplace or heating stove. The BRV has a pair of 6-inch-square wall grilles connected by 4-inch round duct, which telescopes to accommodate varying wall thicknesses. The duct has acoustical foam partitions to deaden sound transmission and to completely block light transmission. A typical installation location is above an interior door. The polymer louvers can be painted with any latex paint to match wall colors.

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