When Charter Springs Hospital in Ocala, Fla., experienced a compressor failure in the 30-ton A/C unit cooling one wing of the hospital, a decision was made to postpone replacing the compressor since that part of the building was empty. That was a big mistake.

According to Gil Lopez, building supervisor, “Being in Florida and the high humidity, it only took a couple of weeks for the mold and mildew to take over. It was all over the walls, the ceiling, and the space above the dropped ceiling.”

Various solutions were tried, including hiring a professional cleaning service. This cleaning was very expensive and took several days to complete. “We also at this time had the compressor in the A/C unit replaced, hoping we had cured the problem,” said Lopez. “But, to our surprise, we noticed the mold had returned.”

Lopez called in Fred Huffman with Clean Air Innovations to take a look at the situation. He recommended installing a Sanuvox UV Bio-Wall ultraviolet unit in the A/C system cooling that wing of the hospital.

Three days after the UV unit was installed, “the wing smelled fresh as the outdoors,” Lopez said. “The mold and mildew disappeared in just a few days, and has not returned.” According to Sanuvox, the unit uses UV light to destroy biological and chemical contaminants.

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Publication date: 04/07/2003