The Decor radiator comes in five styles: column, vertical, pedestal, radiator, and baseboard. These radiators are for use with two-pipe pumped indirect domestic and central heating systems. The TS4 column radiator is available in outputs of 7,110 to 18,663 Btuh. They have from eight to 21 tubes and have a height of 79 inches. The V10 vertical models are available in outputs of 6,648 to 11,079 Btuh. They are offered in six-, eight, and 10-tube sizes, with a height of 79 inches. The H28 pedestal (high output, with fins) ranges from 5,035 to 19,552 Btuh, and comes in two- and four-tube models. The H11(with fins) and H22 (with fins) radiator styles are available with six, eight, and 10 tubes. The H11 (with fins) baseboards have outputs ranging from 1,561 to 10,282 Btuh. They have two, three, or four pipes. All of the Decor radiators are offered in a wide variety of colors.

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