ARLINGTON, Va. — The board of directors of the Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute (ARI) approved changes to the Ammonia Refrigeration Compressor Units Product Section and the Indoor Pool Dehumidifiers Section.

The new scope for the Ammonia Refrigeration Compressor Units Product Section includes, “Positive displacement ammonia refrigeration compressor units in industrial refrigeration and air conditioning applications.”

According to Ed Schinner, chairman of the section, “A large majority of ammonia compressors are used for industrial refrigeration, but there are also industrial air conditioning applications, such as district cooling plants and university and hospital complexes, that have used ammonia for air conditioning.”

ARI said that the section oversees development of ARI Standard 510-93, Ammonia Compressor Units, which applies to positive displacement ammonia compressor units for use in commercial and industrial refrigeration applications.

The Indoor Pool Dehumidifiers Section is now called Dehumidifiers Product Section and the revised scope includes: “Mechanical refrigeration systems designed with its primary purpose for removing moisture from the air with reheat recovered from the dehumidification process installed in the airstream.”

“We changed our name in order to facilitate future growth and development of the section,” said Keith Coursin, president of Desert Aire Corporation. “Adjusting our scope to incorporate all manufacturers of dehumidification equipment will help ensure that North American manufacturers are positioned to be truly competitive in our global economy.”

Publication date: 06/23/2003