ATLANTA, GA — The HVAC Channel broadcast its first program on March 13, 2002. The hour-long live program, titled “Contractor Profitability,” was part one of 24 installments that focus on the business and financial operations of hvac contractors. It was viewed on personal computers by hvac contractors throughout the country.

“This is a significant milestone for hvac contractors,” said Ruth King, manager of the HVAC Channel. “For the first time ever, contractors can see generic educational programs right in their shop.”

The program is broadcast live from the channel’s studios and provides opportunities for contractors to call in or e-mail feedback during the show.

The HVAC Channel uses patent-pending technology that enables viewers to watch video regardless of their bandwidth connection to the Internet. “Contractors with a 28K connection can watch a video presentation with the same quality viewing experience as a contractor with a DSL connection,” said King.

The HVAC Channel will be launching additional programs starting in April. These programs, 30 minutes in length, will cover sales and marketing, as well as technical information. More programs will be added throughout the year.

King said that the programming is scheduled during the morning and is archived for viewing in a more relaxed and less hectic time.

For more information, visit or call 800-511-6844.

Publication date: 04/15/2002