Enviro-Energy Corp. of Spokane, WA, has developed a technology for hydrating and freezing products called Hydrafreeze.

The Hydrafreezer is described as a patent-protected machine for use with Thermafreeze products. Thermafreeze products have been bench tested in a number of major applications, including the flower industry. The manufacturer had previously announced that it was planning tests of Thermafreeze vests in the auto racing industry.

“The Thermafreeze product has been well tested and our markets are known and substantial,” stated Joseph Murray, president. “Our greatest task has been to design and develop a commercial-scale method to rapidly and uniformly hydrate and freeze the sheets of cells. The patented Hydrafeezer has the potential to meet this need.

“Refrigeration on this scale is highly advanced and complex. We are delighted that we are now at a product demonstration level,” he said. “We expect these demonstrations to go very well, positioning us to move forward with final commercial-scale designs.”

Said Galen Loven, chairman of Enviro-Energy Corp., “This technology has global applications and will make a major contribution to recyclable, environmentally friendly refrigeration packaging. Its added value to human comfort and safety in outdoor competitive events is a major plus. We expect a lot from this business sector as the Hydrafeezer moves out of prototype to production scale.”

Enviro-Energy Corp. is a consolidator and operator of environmentally related businesses.

For more information, contact Galen Loven at 509-921-9150; gdl@morals.net (e-mail); or www.enviro-energycorp.com (website).

Publication date: 01/01/2002