Model 2606 clamp-on ammeter is a handheld, 4,000-count meter designed for field service, heating/refrigeration, industrial maintenance, and laboratory work. It has measuring ranges of 0-1,000-A ac/dc, 0-1,000 vdc, 0-750 vac (true RMS), continuity test, diode test, capacitance range 4 nF - 40 uF, frequency of 100 Hz to 400 kHz, and resistance of 0-40 megOhm, the company says. Features of the ammeter include a rugged, high-impact case and electronic overload protection. It is a Category III Class instrument.

Brunelle Instruments Inc., P.O. Box 1223, Newport, VT 05855; 800-567-3506; 819-569-1408; (website).

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