The Axiom™ line of vertical water-source heat pumps now includes 12-1/2- to 25-ton sizes. These large-ton verticals have EERs of 12.1 to 15.5 and COP ratings of 4.17 to 5.5. Additional performance achievements can be gained through the use of thermal expansion valves on each of these units; the TXVs allow for greater water temperature ranges (25 degrees F [-4 degrees C] to 125 degrees F [52 degrees C]) and more accurate refrigerant flow metering, the company says. Some of the standard features on the units include higher-static motors; dual-sloped, noncorrosive drain pans; scroll compressors; and removable, sealed panels. The supply and return airflow on these units can be ordered or specified in one of four ways, depending on installation needs.

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