The M.A.R.C. (modular auxiliary removable coil) from Heatcraft replaces an existing coil section and is removable through an access door.
ATLANTIC CITY, NJ — When you get down to the nitty gritty in hvacr, you can’t accomplish much heat transfer without coils.

Coil manufacturers at the 2002 International Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating Exposition (AHR Expo) emphasized how they could provide coils cost effectively.

Heatcraft Inc. (Grenada, MS) displayed its new M.A.R.C. (modular auxiliary removable coil). Installed in a galvanized or stainless steel casing, it replaces an existing coil section and is removable through an access door. The single-wall unit is insulated and includes a stainless steel drain pan. An external vertical filter rack is optional.

The company also showed its high-pressure cleanable coil, designed for applications up to 300-psig operating pressure. Removable heads on both ends allow for internal tube cleaning without clogging the ends of the coil. The units use a combination of copper, cupro-nickel, stainless steel, or carbon steel tubes with fins made of stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, or aluminum.

Colmac Coil Manufacturing Inc. (Colville, WA) provides a variety of coils for heavy commercial-industrial applications. Products include water, steam, evaporator, and condenser coils. Standard construction accommodates up to 12 tube rows in depth, 72-in. tube row height, and 270-in. finned length. Custom coils can be manufactured to larger dimensions.

Supplying the residential, commercial, mobile, and marine hvac markets, Snowmax, Inc. (Jacksonville, TX) highlighted design flexibility and cellular production for efficient manufacturing. The company produces condenser, evaporator, steam, water, and special coils.

Cancoil Thermal Corp. (Kingston, ON, Canada) manufactures coils for commercial, industrial, and institutional uses. Seamless copper tubes are mechanically expanded into full collar, aluminum, or copper fins. Tube sizes are 3/8-, 1/2-, and 5/8-in. od. Specialty coils with stainless steel tubes are available.

Welded coils are said to be a specialty of Super Radiator Coils (Chaska, MN). The company offers a new fin surface to supply higher thermal efficiency for ammonia and steam coils. This surface uses 7/8-in.-od tubes and is a 2-1/4-in. equilateral pattern available in flat plate and with added thermal enhancements, such as V-waffle corrugated or sine wave design.

Precision Coils, a division of PEF Industries, Inc. (Somerville, TN) showed its custom replacement and oem coil product lines at the AHR Expo for the first time. The company manufactures 3/8-, 1/2-, and 5/8-in.-od tube coils for chilled water, hot water, DX, heat reclaim, condenser, standard steam, nonfreeze steam distributing, and booster/duct-mounted applications.

The Thermoguard (Stevensville, MD) corrosion protection system is said to be an environmentally friendly coating available in a choice of colors. The coating covers coils with incorporated biocides to help prevent bacterial and fungal growth. The company says the coating can increase hvacr system efficiency by as much as 30%.

Publication date: 02/04/2002