ARLINGTON, VA — Volunteers are being sought for the industry-government research collaboration HVAC&R Research for the 21st Century (21-CR) program administered by the Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology Institute (ARTI).

Since early 1998, more than 125 volunteers from industry, government, and academia have participated in the 21-CR research program, which focuses on improving equipment efficiency and indoor air quality (IAQ). According to ARTI, approximately one-third of the current volunteers will be rotating off subcommittees in mid-2002 and new volunteers are needed.

The five subcommittees include Alternative Equipment, Equipment Energy Efficiency, System Integration, Indoor Environmental Quality, and Working Fluids.

Meanwhile, three new research projects have been selected by the ARTI Steering Committee for the 21-CR program. The projects open for bid include: “Critical Literature Review of Lubricant Influence on Refrigerant Heat Transfer and Pressure”; “Use of Water Vapor as a Refrigerant: Part II — Cycle Modifications and System Impacts on Commercial Feasibility”; and “Using Acid Number as a Leading Indicator of Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning System Performance.”

Prospective bidders can download bidding instructions, work statements, and other information at (website).

Free downloads also are available at the ARTI website. The first download is the final report for the ARTI Strategic Planning Initiative — “Positioning for the Future: Strategic Planning for the HVACR Industry.” Also, two final research reports are available: “Evaluating the Performance of Thermo-acoustic Cooling” and “Microchannel Heat Exchangers with Carbon Dioxide.”

Publication date: 01/14/2002