Greg Lush, CIO of The Linc Group, has been recognized by Microsoft and is participating in its new Dynamics AX 4.0 campaign.
IRVINE, Calif. - Recognizing The Linc Group (TLG) in the facility performance services market, Microsoft featured Greg Lush, the company's CIO, in a special Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0 video with Bill Gates, and as a key customer speaker at all U.S. Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0 Roadshow seminars. The partner and prospect seminar series, held in May across the country, is part of the July launch of the Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0 product, as is the video.

"TLG is unique in that it is the only service company with an integrated, technology-driven business methodology built on processes, standards, communication, and collaboration. This dedication to technology, especially Microsoft applications, is one of our competitive differentiators, allowing us to compel the delivery of high-quality service regardless of the location, and quickly integrating acquisitions and rolling out new franchises," said Tracy Price, president and CEO of The Linc Group.

"We are proud to be the first Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0 customer in the world to go live."

TLG's implementation partner on the Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0 project is Iteration2, Microsoft's 2005 MBS U.S. Partner of the Year.

Publication date: 06/05/2006