When a compressor burns out, it’s often because acid destroyed the insulating varnish on the motor winding. The DAS Eliminator® filter-drier will extend a compressor’s life by removing harmful acids and moisture quickly, the manufacturer says. The units have a solid core of 70% activated alumina and 30% molecular sieves. The activated alumina effectively neutralizes acids, while the molecular sieves adsorb moisture, the company says. The product is installed in the suction line as close to the new compressor as possible. It is offered in 8 to 60 cu in. capacities.

Danfoss Inc., Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Division, 7941 Corporate Dr., Baltimore, MD 21236-4925; 410-931-8250; 410-931-8256 (fax); www.danfoss.com (website).

eProduct #184

Publication date: 01/08/2001