Skil-aire announces its new line of "Convertible" Horizontal units, a selection of constant air conditioning systems in capacities of 5 through 15 tons. These compact models offer dependable ventilation, humidity control, and air conditioning for virtually any enclosure, and can provide substantial operational savings for property managers and building owners through the elimination of a single air conditioning system that must comfort cool an entire building.

Skil-Aire's new air conditioning system is convertible in the sense that the evaporator and condenser can be installed in one piece as a packaged system or separated up to 150 feet (to place the condensing section nearer an outside wall and running refrigerant lines in lieu of ductwork) without losing the refrigerant charge. This increases installation options. Because of the compact size and the horizontal layout of the system elements, whether packaged together or split, building owners can install the unit to service any existing space in a building, skyscraper, or strip mall.

Individual floors of a buildings using Convertible Horizontal units can be occupied as soon as each unit is set up, and individual units may be updated or otherwise modified without disrupting an entire building. Such flexibility creates an opportunity to allow tenants to control, maintain, and pay for their own cooling needs.

Convertible also refers to the fact that these units are highly customizable. Each Convertible Horizontal is available with factory-installed options such as: air or water cooled condensers; heat pump ability; alternate fan motor drive packages for high airflow and static requirements; humidification and dehumidification; high pressure valving; oversized transformers; additional terminal blocks; electric or hot water heat or auxiliary heat; low ambient controls; or hydronic or air side economizers to cool the space without using the energy-intensive compressor.

Constructed on four sturdy channels for either hanger rod or slab/floor mounting, the compact Convertible Horizontal can be located in a separate equipment room, or above, below, or beside the space to be conditioned.

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