LONG ISLAND, N.Y. - Honeywell and Malverne Union Free School District have agreed on a $2.4 million performance contract for an energy-savings and modernization project. The project, which includes infrastructure improvements and a solar energy system, will help the Nassau County Long Island district finance building upgrades and improve the learning environment for its 1,600 students without raising operating budgets.

"Heating oil costs are double what they were last year and maintenance costs are on the rise, so we needed to find a way to make energy-efficient upgrades without using capital dollars," said Joseph Donoghue, supervisor of facilities and support staff for the Malverne School District. "Our performance contract with Honeywell gives us a no-cost solution for addressing our aging facilities and implementing improvements that will also enhance learning."

Under the contract, Honeywell will help the district cut energy consumption and expenses by replacing outdated boilers with more efficient, dual-fuel models; upgrading lighting across all four of the district's schools; installing a building management system to better monitor and control HVAC equipment; and weather-sealing buildings to prevent air leakage around windows and reduce heating losses throughout the year. Technicians will also replace the roof at the elementary school.

In addition, Honeywell will install a 10-kilowatt solar generation system - made up of more than 30 photovoltaic panels - at the district's middle school as part of the project. Over the next 25 years, the solar-generated energy should reduce carbon dioxide emissions by almost 460,000 pounds, which has the same environmental impact as planting more than 60 acres of trees.

The Long Island Power Authority will provide a $45,000 renewable energy rebate to help pay for the system, and the school will also receive state support. This funding, coupled with the $135,000 in annual energy and operational savings the upgrades will create over the next 15 years, will fund the project. The district's financial risk is limited because Honeywell guarantees the savings. The project is currently underway and expected to be completed by August 2006.

Publication date: 05/29/2006