Timberline Software Corp.: SERVICE MANAGEMENT

The Gold Collection®for service management can be used with the company’s construction accounting and estimating software to improve the efficiency of specialty construction businesses, the company says. With this software, construction service operations can generate, schedule, and dispatch workorders; log service call status and information; and handle billing. Tasks are initiated through the software’s centralized dispatch board, a tool offering dispatchers a bird’s-eye view of all service activities scheduled and in progress, the company says.

Timberline Software Corp., 15195 N.W. Greenbrier Parkway, Beaverton, OR 97006; 800-628-6583; 503-439-5010 (fax); www.timberline.com (website).

eProduct #62

Thorne Communications: SALES LETTER LIBRARY

Hvac contractors can now write residential or commercial sales letters in less than 5 min with this CD-ROM, says the company.

The “50 Sales Letters for Hvac Contractors” CD-ROM gives contractors a library of professionally written, pre-typed sales letters. Contractors can preview the various letter options that are indexed by market (residential, commercial) and product area (heating, air conditioning, indoor air quality, etc.). Upon finding a letter to use, the contractor opens it for custom formatting and personalization.

Thorne Communications, P.O. Box 995, Lombard IL 60148-0995; 630-953-2534 (fax); Hpthorne@aol.com (e-mail); www.thornecommunications.com (website).

eProduct #63


A demo CD introduces the company’sFlovent airflow modeling software. The CD addresses four points regarding airflow modeling: why to use it, how it works, how it saves money, and who uses it. A series of case studies (one for each market sector) helps put the software into context. A final interactive section (“Learn how it works”) challenges the viewer to implement a series of possible design solutions for a common problem.

Flomerics Inc., attn: Jim Van Gilder, 257 Turnpike Rd., Suite 100, Southborough, MA 01772; 508-357-2012; 508-357-2013 (fax); jim@flomerics.com (e-mail); www.flovent.com (website).

eProduct #64

TSI Inc., Health and Safety Instruments Division: IAQ DATA ANALYSIS

TrakPro™ Version 3.10data analysis software helps contractors store, organize, and present indoor air quality (IAQ) data. New features include support for the company’s P-Trak™ ultrafine particle counter (UPC), automatic configuration for its family of IAQ instruments, and additional enhancements for storing and reporting data. The software generates both tabular and graphic displays and allows users to display multiple data sets on a single graph for comparison purposes. Data also can be exported to other database, spreadsheet, and word processing software.

TSI Inc., Health and Safety Instruments Division, P.O. Box 64394, St. Paul, MN 55164; 800-926-8378 or 651-490-2760; 651-490-2704 (fax); health.safety@tsi.com (e-mail); www.tsi.com (website).

eProduct #65

Meridian Project Systems: FIELD DOCUMENTATION

Prolog Pocket for Palm™ handheld computersprovides construction professionals with increased mobility and versatility, says the company. The software features daily work journals to track workhours in the field. It provides all the features in the Field Documentation module of Prolog Manager, including punch lists and data-entry options. The handheld program can be synchronized with a desktop PC to upload information collected in the field into the Prolog Manager database for additional reporting capabilities.

Meridian Project Systems, 1750 Howe Ave., Suite 640, Sacramento, CA 95825; 800-850-2660 or 916-641-3080; 916-641-3085 (fax); sales@mps.com (e-mail); www.mps.com (website).

eProduct #66


An electronic data con-version (EDC) utility for the company’sFore-front® construction management softwaremakes it easier and quicker for hvacr, plumbing, and mech-anical contractors to convert to the software, the company says. The utility focuses on the areas that are both labor-intensive and crucial for a complete conversion. This includes the file-maintenance component, which covers vendors, customers, employees, and inventory items; the transaction component, which covers job cost history; and open accounts-payable and accounts-receivable invoices.

Dexter + Chaney, attn: Brad Matthews, 9700 Lake City Way N.E., Seattle, WA 98115-2347; 800-875-1400 or 206-364-1400; 206-367-9613 (fax); brad@dexterchaney.com (e-mail); www.dexterchaney.com (website).

eProduct #67


HandCar™ softwarefor Palm™ handheld computers enables the offloading of HOBO® and StowAway® dataloggers. Data from the loggers can be stored in the Palm device and later transferred to a PC for graphing, analysis, and/or export to other programs. The software helps users manage their dataloggers on location using the handheld computer, eliminating the need to take the loggers back to a PC, says the company. Functions also verify logger operation, view current measurements, and check battery status.

Onset Computer Corp., P.O. Box 3450, Pocasset, MA 02559-3450; 800-564-4377 or 508-759-9500; 508-759-9100 (fax); sales@onsetcomp.com (e-mail); www.onsetcomp.com (website).

eProduct #68


Airpak 1.0is a computational fluid dynamic- (CFD-) based hvac system design software program which simplifies the design and analysis of ventilation systems, the company says. Features include accurate, unstructured meshing and a powerful solver engine in an easy-to-use package, says the company. Using drag-and-drop selection of solid models, the user builds a virtual prototype of the design. The software then simulates the airflow through the design and provides visual results, enabling the user to pinpoint problem areas and optimize the design.

Fluent Inc., 10 Cavendish Ct., Centerra Resource Park, Lebanon, NH 03766-1442; 603-643-2600; 603-643-3967 (fax); info@fluent.com (e-mail); www.fluent.com (website).

eProduct #69

Miller Electric Manufacturing Co.: WELDING OVERVIEW

An interactive CD-ROM called“Introduction to Welding”provides an overview of the basics of stick, TIG, and MIG welding and plasma cutting. The CD-ROM explains how each process works, its advantages, appli-cations, components, and operator controls. Live-arc videos and graphics illustrate concepts, while a glossary defines terms from arc blow to weld pool. The interactivity delivers a higher level of learning at a faster rate and with better retention than traditional training techniques, the company says.

Miller Electric Manufacturing Co., 1635 W. Spencer St., P.O. Box 1079, Appleton, WI 54912-1079; 920-735-4016; www.MillerWelds.com (website).

eProduct #70

Compusource Corp.: SERVICE DISPATCH

The release of 2nd Man Schedulingprovides an enhancement to the Service Dispatch module of CONTRAC2, a service management software system for hvac and plumbing contractors. The new features enable users to improve their ability to monitor and schedule service calls by providing current technician and service order information, including calls for which two or more technicians are assigned, says the company. The scheduling program allows the dispatcher to add, change, or delete records; add vacation/sick time; and schedule additional technicians.

Compusource Corp., attn: Gina Muller, 20 Centerpoint Drive, Suite 105, La Palma, CA 90623; 714-522-8300; 714-522-2205 (fax); info@compusource.com (e-mail); www.compusource.com (website).

eProduct #71


The Visual Control Room for contractorsis designed to increase productivity, control costs, and enhance customer service with scheduling, dispatching, and routing automation technology, the company says. The software is a graphically driven, real-time system. By consolidating operational tasks, it can reduce manual dispatch and scheduling time by 75% or more while reducing the miles driven and time on the road, says the company. It can be configured as a single-user system for small businesses or in a client-server mode for larger companies.

InterGis, P.O. Box 899, Torrington, CT 06790; 860-496-4900; 860-496-4907 (fax); www.intergis.com (website).

eProduct #72


The company’sViRTé™ 3000 sound and vibration analysis platformoffers a visual, real-time environment with its DNA™ software controlling a powerful, expandable analysis pod, says the company. The system is designed for rapid, PC-controlled acoustic and vibration data acquisition and transfer, the company says. Applications include sound power, acoustic intensity and mapping, materials testing, transient analysis, building acoustics, environmental noise measurement, and others.

Larson Davis Inc., 1681 W. 820 N., Provo, UT 84601; 801-375-0177; 801-375-0182 (fax); mktg@larsondavis.com (e-mail); www.larsondavis.com (website).

eProduct #73