Web-enabled furnaces, boilers, heat pumps, walk-in freezers, and air conditioning units can now be produced with a technology developed by eDevice, Inc., New York, NY.

The company’s SmartStack™ technology is an embedded system that allows any device to access the Internet to improve servicing of products by increasing responsiveness through real-time reporting. Unlike other Internet-enabling methods, the company says its device has all the components required for Internet connectivity on a single digital signal processor (DSP) chip that contains a software-based modem and the necessary software protocols.

Installed in a standalone or integrated hvacr system, the technology enables these products to send an alert e-mail to service technicians and remotely manage service needs. In addition, home and property owners as well as businesses can be made aware of such equipment problems as a faulty thermostat or a blown-out pilot light.

According to Marc Berrebi, ceo of eDevice, “With our embedded systems, hvacr equipment manufacturers can offer their customers the added value of real-time, remote service calls.”

For more information, contact Alex Guillot at 212-856-0000, ext. 26;aguillot@edevice.com (e-mail); www.edevice.com (Web site).