ARLINGTON, VA — The Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) has signed on as a sponsoring organization for the Energy-Smart Homes Program developed by the California Building Performance Contractors Association (CBPCA).

“The efforts of CBPCA to the ‘whole-house approach’ to home retrofits — performed by professionally trained and qualified contractors — to address California’s energy concerns is wholeheartedly endorsed by ACCA,” said Paul Stalknecht, ACCA executive vice president.

According to the Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE), proper sizing and installation of hvac equipment can reduce energy consumption in single-family homes by as much as 35% and peak demand by as much as 25%.

“There are a number of cost-saving measures contractors can take to help consumers save energy,” said Jim Hussey, ACCA senior vice president and president of Marin Mechanical in San Leandro, CA. Hussey has promoted energy conservation in California through efficiency of hvac systems.

According to a study of 9,000 homes conducted last year by Proctor Engineering Group of San Rafael, CA, more than 90% of the systems examined were underperforming due to improper or nonexisting maintenance.

“We salute the efforts of Dave Freeman, recently appointed senior energy advisor to the Governor of California, for his support of semi-annual checkups to ensure that air conditioning and heating systems are operating at peak efficiency,” said Hussey.

Publication date: 05/21/2001