NUREMBERG, Germany — While the air conditioning sector still debates R-410A or R-407C as the alternative to R-22, the refrigeration sector has long signed off on two choices: R-404A and R-507.

The stateside tilt has been toward 404A. In Europe, much more ado has been accorded 507.

The latest high-profile placement of R-507 is at Ford’s Engineering and Research Center in the United Kingdom. York recently brought on-line one of the largest vehicle testing facilities in the world. The compound screw compressors were charged with 507 as sold to York by Honeywell under the brand name AZ50.

Honeywell said the refrigerant was chosen because of its zero temperature glide, energy efficiencies, lower discharge temperature, and no risk of fractionation in very low temperature and pressure ranges.

Publication date: 11/13/2000