A complete line new manual and automatic air vents, designed to remove troublesome air in a variety of hydronic systems, is available. The air vents come in 1/8-, 1/2-, and 3/4-inch connections. The 107A is a rugged high-capacity air vent that purges free air from liquid systems, and the 98 is a high-capacity automatic air vent that removes air in closed loop systems. The 97 is a float-type automatic air vent that vents troublesome air from hydronic heating systems, while the 87, 67, and 7 automatically vents the accumulation of troublesome air wherever it can be trapped. The 17 Sr automatic air valve is a deluxe, hygroscopic air valve with manual shut-off and the 4V “coin-operated” air vent is designed for the new types of radiators. The maximum operating temperature for the units is 225° to 250°F, depending on the model. The maximum operating pressure of 67 is 35 psi, the 7 has a maximum operating pressure of 75 psi, and the 17 Sr’s maximum operating pressure is 30 psi; the rest of the air vents have a maximum operating pressure of 150 psi.

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