The skill, craftsmanship, and overall knowledge of the technician is ultimately what sets one contractor apart from the others - no matter the efficiency level of the HVAC equipment being installed or serviced. The following courses can help technicians increase their prowess.

Note: Check with your local wholesaler, trade school, or manufacturer's distributor for more training opportunities in your area.


ACCA's "Fundamentals of Residential Load Calculation & System Design" covers the essentials of load calculation, equipment selection, duct design, and room air distribution. Dates and locations are:

  • Nov. 6-9 - Jacksonville, Fla.

  • Nov. 13-16 - Augusta, Ga.

  • Dec. 4-7 - Columbia, S.C. "Residential EPIC" classes certify HVACR professionals to teach residential heating-cooling system design principles using ACCA industry standard manuals and materials from the association's Environmental Systems Library.

  • Oct. 31-Nov. 3 - Washington.


    The company's training facilities in Syracuse, N.Y., are the site of Technical Development Programs (TDP) - modules of technical training on HVAC theory, system design, equipment selection, and application topics. They are targeted at engineers and designers who wish to develop their knowledge in this field to effectively design, specify, sell, or apply HVAC equipment. Call 800-644-5544 for more information.


    "Air Conditioning Scroll Training": This basic- to intermediate-level, half-day course demonstrates the principles and advantages of scroll technology and emphasizes practical learning that can be put to use immediately, the company said. The morning course lasts from 8 a.m.-12:30 p.m.; the evening course is 3 p.m.-7:30 p.m. The $95 fee includes course materials and refreshments. Dates and locations follow:

  • Oct. 31 - Sacramento, Calif.

  • Nov. 1 - San Jose, Calif.

  • Nov. 2 - San Francisco.

  • Nov. 14 - Chicago.

  • Nov. 15 - Bloomington, Ill.

  • Nov. 16 - St. Louis.

  • Dec. 5 - Huntsville, Ala.

  • Dec. 6 - Birmingham, Ala.

  • Dec. 7 - Atlanta.

    "Compressor Operation and Service Seminar (C.O.S.S.)": This HVACR program emphasizes hands-on learning and practical knowledge that can be immediately applied to the real-world environment, the company said. Dates and locations follow:

  • Nov. 7 - Denver.

  • Dec. 5 - Los Angeles.


    The "Mold Worker Training Course" is presented by Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA) and the IAQ Training Institute (IAQTI). The two-day program is intended for front-line workers and group leaders working under the direction of a certified mold remediator. After demonstrating mastery of course materials, attendees receive a certificate of completion acknowledging their commitment to advanced training and continuing education. The worker training course is offered on a regular schedule in cooperation with the IAQTI, Pittsburgh. Seating is limited to 34. Call 866-427-4724 for more information.


    "Maximizing Performance & Profit - A Candid and Comprehensive Workshop on How to Succeed as an Individual, a Leader, and a Company"; 7:30 a.m. start time, day-long seminar. There is a one-hour break for lunch, the cost of which is included in the fee. Call 502-538-2279 or 888-371-9869 toll free, fax 502-538-2283, or e-mail for more information. Dates and locations follow:

  • Oct. 27, Evansville, Ind. - Casino Aztar, 421 N.W. Riverside Drive, Evansville, Ind. 47708.

  • Nov. 2, Huntsville, Ala. - Holiday Inn Madison, 9035 Madison Blvd., Huntsville, Ala. 35758; 256-772-7170.

  • Nov. 3, Birmingham, Ala. - Holiday Inn Homewood, 260 Oxmoor Rd., Birmingham, Ala. 35209; 205-942 2041.

  • Nov. 10, Bowling Green, Ky. - University Plaza-Bowling Green, 1021 Wilkinson Trace, Bowling Green, Ky. 42103; 270-745-0088.

  • Nov. 29, Las Vegas - MGM Grand, Las Vegas, Nev.; 877-880-0880.

  • Dec. 8, Biloxi, Miss. - Beau Rivage Resort Casino, Biloxi, Miss.; 866-368-7399.


    The company offers a variety of topics in regional classes held around the country and requests that interested participants contact Kim Cashion, the ICP training coordinator for locations, descriptions, dates, and tuition: 866-660-7891;

    Mobile training (3-1/2-days):

  • "Air Conditioning Mechanical Troubleshooting": This class is designed to help make diagnosing and troubleshooting refrigerant circuits and airflow problems easier for service technicians. Troubleshooting exercises are assigned for the student to apply the principles that have been learned.

  • "Air Conditioning Electrical Troubleshooting": This class focuses on helping technicians efficiently troubleshoot electrical problems on air conditioners. Assignments and exercises are presented and reviewed.

  • "Heat Pump Electrical Troubleshooting": This course will demonstrate how to efficiently trouble-shoot electrical problems on heat pumps.

  • "Heat Pump Mechanical Troubleshooting": This class shows technicians how to efficiently troubleshoot mechanical problems on heat pumps.


    For information on Rheem course dates and availability, visit

  • The Refrigerant 410A Program outlines what is needed to understand the specifics of the refrigerant that replaces R-22. The program discusses the similarities R-410A has with R-22. It then discusses the major differences between the two refrigerants- not only pressure differences, but the compressor lubricant that is compatible with R-410A. The program teaches industry-preferred methods of charging, storing, and transporting R-410A, as well as those procedures of use stressing personal safety.

  • The Residential Cooling Systems Course offers training in R-22 and R-410A thermodynamics. The program covers refrigerant properties, mechanical compression, the evaporator circuit, the condenser circuit, charging procedures, saturation temperature, superheat, subcooling, heat load, refrigerant safety procedures, and diagnostic troubleshooting procedures. The program includes 29 interactive practice problems that use real-world situations to teach technicians problem-solving skills.


    All courses are held at the Trane Learning Center, Atlanta. For more information, call 404-836-2784 or visit

  • Oct. 16-17, and 23-24 - Trane Air Conditioning Clinic.

  • Nov. 2 - Electrical Troubleshooting for HVAC.

  • Nov. 15-16 - ACCA Residential Duct Design Certification Course.

  • Dec. 4 - Indoor Air Quality.

  • Dec. 16-17 and Dec. 23 (three-day course) - Heat Loss/Gain and Duct Design.

    Publication date: 10/09/2006