Alongside top-tier industry content, HARDI's Emerging Leaders conference will feature an exclusive networking/social event designed to foster lasting connections among Emerging Leaders.

This year’s Emerging Leaders Conference social activity will be at the one-and-only Bleacher Bar; nestled right within Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts. Don’t know what it is? Take a look and see what all the hype is about! With breathtaking views under the lights and an atmosphere buzzing with opportunity, it's the perfect setting to expand networks and build connections with other Emerging Leaders and mentors. The conference will be held July 23-25.

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Looking to Sponsor the Event?

By supporting HARDI's Emerging Leaders Conference, it not only means investing in the future of HVAC leadership but also positioning an HVAC company front and center among other industry movers and shakers. Don't miss this chance to elevate brands by sponsoring an event at Bleacher Bar attached to Fenway Park.

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