Company: Malco

Product: Andy Aluminum Handled Offset Left Snips 12” (MC12L)

Description: The Andy Aluminum Handled Offset Left Snips 12” (MC12L) is verified by internal testing. The MC12L Andy snips offers up to 60% faster cutting speeds, 45% longer cuts when operating one-handed, high maneuverability for continuous cut radii half the size of leading competition, with better cut quality, and lower jaw made of investment-cast tool steel allows for starter holes as small as ½”. HVAC trade pros can make long, tight, high-quality straight and left curve cuts in many types of materials, including sheet metal, metal roofing, aluminum, stainless steel, steel siding, and vinyl. The MC12L Andy snips are built with strong, lightweight aluminum for ease of use and durability, and the ergonomic offset handle provides a safer and more comfortable angle for cutting to reduce hand fatigue.

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