Company: Johnson Controls

Product: FMS-2000C Critical Environment Controller

Description: The updated FMS-2000C Critical Environment Controller from Johnson Controls helps ensure laboratory and healthcare settings are safe for occupants by continuously verifying room pressure, airflow, and other important room parameters. One controller can control and monitor up to six parameters across four spaces including differential pressure, temperature, humidity, CO2, airflow, and air changes per hour. If designated parameters fall outside of the set range, the FMS-2000C generates an audible signal as well as a yellow (warning) or red (alarm) visual alert. The FMS-2000C features 360° Safety Halo edge lighting that is visible down long corridors. Ease-of-use features, such as a snooze button that can silence an alarm for a set time and an easily accessible tutorial video, help support frequent nursing staff changeover.

Contact: (844)-628-2529;; eProduct 181

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