The ACHR NEWS is pleased to announce the winners of the 2022 Dealer Design Awards, a competition that recognizes exceptional manufacturing of HVAC technology. This year’s contest featured 132 product submissions across 13 categories, and the winners are being recognized for their exemplary product designs, which will benefit HVAC contractors.

“These awards are a unique opportunity to showcase the research and development work that goes on behind the scenes in creating the products serving the HVACR industry,” said Sarah Harding, publisher of The ACHR NEWS. “Our awards issue gives readers the opportunity to read about some of the industry’s most innovative installation and service solutions on the market.”

Coverage of all of the Gold, Silver, and Bronze winners are available in the articles below, highlighting the specific technology behind each of the cutting-edge products that received an award. The contest was scored by a panel of independent judges along with other industry members. Manufacturers submitted detailed product information, photographs, and videos to help the judges understand the value behind each of the products.

The ACHR NEWS offers its congratulations and thanks to all of the winners. The HVAC contractors and technicians who will be using these products will greatly benefit from the ways that these products make the industry more efficient, increasingly sustainable, safer, and all around better.