When people think of air quality, they often think of what’s outside. Communities warn of days that can cause difficulties for people with breathing issues from either allergens or pollutants. But most people spend the majority of their time indoors.

In fact, they spend more than 90% of their time indoors. That’s why executives at Carrier Corp. believe there is a tremendous opportunity helping to create healthy buildings, including commercial buildings, schools, and homes. This has been especially true as the world continues to re-open.

“The big message from us is about building confidence,” said Gaurang Pandya, Carrier’s president of the global equipment business unit.

At this year’s AHR Expo, they discussed the ways Carrier is creating that confidence through a combination of physical equipment and digital solutions. Key among the digital solutions is the Abound platform. The platform delivers insights about IAQ, comfort, and energy usage. It’s cloud-based, so it can be expanded as the needs of a building operator change.

In the home, Carrier offers plug-in home monitors that track IAQ conditions. These monitors provide information that can be accessed via the Carrier Home app.

Another area of increased attention on IAQ is schools. By high school, students have spent 15,000 hours in various school buildings. According to government research, half of these buildings have unsatisfactory IAQ. Improving that situation aids learning by reducing sick days and improving cognitive performance.

Carrier is helping in this area with a number of products. One is the OptiFlex, an award-winning device that can be installed in classrooms. The OptiFlex can act as either an air scrubber or it can produce negative pressure. Carrier is also launching a DOAS in the first quarter that will treat and condition 100% of outside air.