LAS VEGAS, NV ― If the pre-show parties are any indication, a year with no AHR Expo has made HVAC contractors all the hungrier for the comradery and conversation of live, in-person events.

Just look at the party Addison hosted Sunday night, January 30, at The Rockhouse, a boutique bar at the Grand Canal Shoppes. More than 350 HVAC professionals signed up to attend, and by 5pm, a crowd of several hundred had already packed the edgy rock-and-roll inspired nightclub, mixing the NFL championship games with food, drink, and two years’ worth of catching up.

Ross Miglio is the president of Addison HVAC.

“Just two years off, two years not seeing a lot of great people ― we look forward to having a blast,” he said. “It's been a long time since I've seen these guys. It's a shame the East Coast people got hit with all that snow, but it looks like a lot of them still made it.”

Miglio also shared some teasers about the manufacturer’s new Frost-Free Heat Pump.

“That’s going to be launched this year, and the product’s on display in the booth,” said Miglio. “It's really exciting because it fits all the electrification initiatives, and it's really something that the industry's been asking for. We feel like we nailed it.”

Addison’s booth is C2924.