Company: Energy Recovery

Product: PX G1300

Description: The PX G1300 is a new application of the pressure exchanger technology that has been used in water desalination for almost 30 years. Specially designed for transcritical CO2 refrigeration systems, the PX G1300 is an energy recovery device designed to aid in reduction of energy consumption and emissions, enhancing a systems environmental sustainability. It works by expanding the refrigerant similar to a valve, but recovers the energy of expansion and provides compression. This reduces the load on the compressors and the energy consumption of the system. The PX G1300’s core component is a ceramic rotor. Three ceramic components fit tightly around this rotor to form a seal. The PX G handles both gas and liquid, making it ideal for CO2 refrigeration systems in order to lower energy consumption.

Contact: (510) 483-7370;; eProduct 181

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