Company: Ergsense

Product: Energy Sensing & Tracking System

Description: The Ergsense Energy Sensing & Tracking System has three channels of voltage and current monitoring, Ergsense monitoring FW, and several communications options. Each module can collect data on three loads in single-phase systems or be used to monitor 3-phase power with one remaining channel to monitor a single-phase load, useful for single-phase to 3-phase VFD systems. Incoming sensor data is via 333mV voltage out CT and 12V PTs, available from Ergsense. Power to the module is via either a 5VDC USB charger or 8-30VDC industrial power applied to the wiring block. Mounting is via DIN rail clip, magnets, or surface screws. Included capabilities include cost per day tracking, operational event tracking with alerts, and detailed engineering data presentation.

Contact:, eProduct 181,

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