DAYTON, Ohio — Winsupply Inc. has named Thomas Pipe and Supply (Arizona), its overall Company of the Year. Each year Winsupply recognizes its top performing companies in plumbing, HVAC, industrial, electrical, waterworks, pumps, turf irrigation, and fire fabrication.

The top performing companies, locations and presidents in their respective industries plus individual award winners include:

  • Overall: Thomas Pipe, a Winsupply Co., Whalen Ward, president
  • Plumbing: Winsupply of Albuquerque, N.M., Joe Jindra, president
  • HVAC:  Winsupply of Houston, Texas,  Jason Greagrey, president
  • Industrial: Baltimore Windustrial, Michael Brown, president
  • Electrical: Tacoma Electric, a Winsupply Co. (Wash.), Charlie Silva, president
  • Waterworks: Kansas City Winwater (Mo.), Scott Wilson, president
  • Fire Fab: Newburgh Windustrial (N.Y.), Dean Lucas, president
  • Pumps: Cedar Rapids Winpump (Iowa), Terry Whitney, president
  • Turf Irrigation: Wyatt Irrigation, a Winsupply Co. (Santa Rosa, Calif.), Scott Leytem, president
  • Turn-Around: Winsupply of El Paso (Texas), Rene Tirres, president
  • Rookie of the Year: Tucson Winsupply (Ariz.), Zach Konstanzer, president
  • Digital: Winsupply of Tampa Bay (Fla.), John German, president

“The companies we selected are led by some of the best and brightest,” said Rob Ferguson, president of Winsupply Local Company Group. “These entrepreneurs prove that the spirit of opportunity is thriving. They repeatedly show that having an owner in each location can produce above average results. I’m proud of all of our presidents who are recognized this year.”

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