Research. Recognition. Recruitment. Retention. Those were the goals that the University of Texas at Dallas worked to achieve with the new Engineering & Computer Science, West Building.

The building is a 206,000 square-feet state-of-the-art LEED Gold research lab. It has mechanical systems that are color coded and, at times, visible through open ceilings to showcase how different components work together. As well as a learning environment, it serves as a teaching tool for the next generation of mechanical engineers to learn about technologies in electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and other systems.

The four-story building incorporates sustainable design elements that include reduced water consumption, using regional materials, and IAQ. From an HVAC perspective, it incorporates a wide array of energy-efficient solutions including grilles, diffusers, terminal units, and chilled beams.

Active chilled beams, manufactured by Titus, features the aerodynamic properties of ceiling diffusers and use of hydronic coils and induced air to reduce energy consumption associated with removal of sensible thermal loads. Also included was the R-OMNI diffuser by Titus, a steel adjustable plaque diffuser designed for architectural ceilings and facilities with exposed ductwork. The smooth face is adjustable in three positions for horizontal or vertical airflow. It can also be used effectively in heating or cooling applications and is an excellent choice to operate in a VAV system.